Marketing Your Home

stagingOnce we get your home listed for sale we take over the entire marketing process for your home so you can relax. While we involve you in the process there is no additional cost to you the home owner for the costs of any of the marketing or advertising done to sell your property for the highest return in the appropriate amount of time. Below are just a few examples of marketing and advertising avenues we use. Please remember not every home is the same and so a one size fits all approach to market it is not the best either. We will customize the marketing of your home to your needs as well as the demand of the marketplace. If you have a specific technique you want us to use please bring it up so we can talk about it when we come out to list your home. Remember we only get paid when the home sells so it is our goal to get the most value for you as well as sell it in the time you want to get it sold in.


Many homeowners don’t know what staging is or how valuable it is when selling a house. That being said there are several things that come into play when staging your home. The first thing I will say is clean, sells. Let me say it again CLEAN sells. When considering selling your home there are several things that add to and detract from someone wanting to buy your house over another. Staging is the process of setting your home up to show its best features off and allow prospective purchasers to experience the best your home has to offer. With knowledge and experience in setting homes up to sell we will discuss the items with which we feel need attention during the listing appointment. If professional staging is needed we will discuss what that means for you and what you can expect as well.

Professional Photos

Often times professional photos are not necessary to get your home sold. That being said it is often times bad photos can and do end up in listing photos. We do everything we can to make sure that all our photos present a professional and appealing photo of your home. When it is appropriate, we have skilled and talented photographers come out to take those photos for us. If you prefer to have photos you have taken used we can usually accommodate that as well. Maybe in the winter your house looks better and it is now summer or vice verse, we want to show your house in the best possible situation so share with us your favorites when we come to the listing appointment. No matter who takes the photos high quality photos will be used to show your home to prospective buyers.

Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are another way in which to showcase the great features of your home to prospective buyers. Maybe all your home needs to sell it is a link which carousels the regular photos of your home, or maybe because of some other factor your home needs to have a panoramic of photos that showcase entire rooms of your home. Either way we will happily discuss the need and appropriateness of a virtual tour with you when we come out for the listing appointment. Generally speaking virtual tours are something that gives a buyer an opportunity to preview and see ‘inside’ your home without coming inside. Often times we find that it having someone inside your home is preferable in order to get them to make a buying decision. Again depending on the home there are many reasons for doing a virtual tour as well.

Open Houses

Depending on how the other avenues of marketing and selling your home go there are reasons we do and do not hold open houses. Nationally the statistics for homes selling from an open house are dismal. Check out this article for reasons  you may not want an open house. There are times and occasions that an open house is the most appropriate way to get your home sold so again we will discuss when and if this option is for your house when we meet.


As you have found us on the internet here of course we will be marketing your property as one of our featured listings on our site! In addition to our site we also advertise on the nationally recognized sites as well. In total your home will be featured across about a hundred sites and will also appear on more than we can count, effectively blanketing the internet with your home. We have several sites like this where it will be more prominently located on the front page even. We also create sites just for your property as well. The time frame and availability of finding your property is dependent on several factors including each of the sites update settings so while you may not see it within hours most of them are within a day of the listing appointment. There are also reasons to limit which sites your home appears on and we can discuss that option if important to you.

We also are currently using multiple outlets that appear on social media. With these campaigns comes many additional avenues in which someone will find your home is for sale and could possibly make an offer for it. While using campaigns designed to feature your home using one or more of our social media outlets we are sure that your home will be seen by many interested and potential buyers.


As well as using social media and the internet to market your home, we also use the information we have on all our current and past clients to notify them if your home is the perfect match as well. Many times we are able to match past clients with homes we are listing today.


Yes, there are still print marketing avenues that are used in the digital age. They may not be as effective as they once were, they still can be effective when used correctly and for the right property. With newspapers, and magazines dwindling down in popularity this mediums are best used for that select property.   Distributing listing flyers through your neighborhood may be used and is most effective when holding an open house so generally will be reserved for those properties when an open house is appropriate. Some properties we also create flyers for the buyer to take from either outside or as a reminder once they have came inside to see it. Once again the right strategy and options are best discussed with you during the listing appointment.


This is a given for most agents, but just to make sure you are aware we subscribe to the largest Multiple Listing Service in Utah. What does that mean to you? Well it means once we agree and list your home in the MLS nearly every agent in the state has access to and can begin working their list of buyers for your home as well as we are. So that means if you know someone who is a part time agent or who doesn’t have a large client base can also see and help us to get your home sold. Most homes sold are sold using the services of the MLS and the agents like us who use it.