Why Sell With Us?

Simply put we are always going to do everything possible to get you the best return on your home/investment possible. What does that mean it means that we will tell you the positive side of what is going on and we will also point out items that could use some attention. When it comes to selling your home the most important item to consider is price. Do you want the most amount of money for any home in your neighborhood? Then you should have the house in the best condition and location for it. Do you want a gain for the professionally installed new roof you just put on to replace the old worn out leaky one? You probably should reconsider, think about it like this, the person who will buy your house for top dollar expects that the roof does not leak. Do you have the worn down roof and and carpet that needs replacing and a bunch of other repairs needing done? That is just fine there are people who are looking to buy your house same as the one where all those item are done and brand new, the difference between them is the final amount you will take home (net) at the end of the day. Our goal here is to take whatever situation and the circumstances you bring us and make the best of them for you. We have helped sell homes in nearly every situation and would be happy to assist you in achieving the goals we all agree upon. If that is highest net return or shortest time or some combination of the two we can help. We personally like highest net in the shortest time ourselves! At no time will we force or otherwise cause you to sell for other than what you agree is fair.  At the end of the day if we don’t think that your situation or circumstances can be helped by us we will tell you what it is you can expect and how we will be able to best help you. With specialized training and knowledge of the short sale, and foreclosure process, to the art of negotiation in a rising market we are here to lend you our expertise and knowledge of home sales in Salt Lake County. Determining the right value for your home takes skill and knowledge of the current market as well as trends so you should not leave yourself to the mercy of a beginner, or a part time agent. Having worked the market for years and being full time helps us to keep your goals first and us knowledgeable of current trends and conditions. Knowing the process of how all types of transactions proceed, and having a team of professionals to help your transaction go smoothly as possible for you is our top priority.


Marketing Your Home

Selling a home takes a well thought out game plan. We have just that and are ready to list your home. Each home is unique and we customize each plan for your needs.

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Sold Market data

You want an agent with a proven track record of selling homes. This is especially true for homes like yours in Salt Lake County. With that being said, we support the decision to be non-disclosure. Why do we do this you may ask. To be honest with you it keeps you and I from having a higher cost where it comes to the sale of our properties. Without full disclosure there can be no transfer tax or a sales tax on your home. You will find recent statistics for our county in the link below. We continually perform better than the market average found here so you can rest assured we will get your property sold in the time frame you desire.

What’s Your Home Worth?

Not sure if this is a good time to sell? Wonder how much you could get for your home? Let us create a comparative market analysis for your home to answer those questions and more.

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Escrow and Closing Costs

What is escrow? Escrow is placing something in custody of a third party who then releases it once specific actions are taken. What does it mean to you, it means someone holds the money until you transfer ownership of the house.
How does it work? We use Title & Escrow companies here in Utah  which perform two separate functions. The first thing these companies do (title) is research and confirm ownership and transfer of title/ownership rights for you as the seller. This is good for you as after they do the research they insure you are the owner and can sell the property to the buyer. The second part of their job (escrow) is to facilitate the transfer of ownership from you by making sure any of the money owed in the contract is collected and payable for you before giving the buyer ownership interest in the property. This is a good thing since you most likely do not know the new buyer and don’t want them to ‘own’ your house without having been paid for it. They also will pay off your mortgage loans and any liens against the house before giving you the remainder of the money.

In Utah we don’t really have closing costs that are from the state or government agencies. There is however, normally settlement services, title insurance and recording fees charged by the Title/Escrow company and agreed to in the contract. Depending on the amount of your house the amounts of each fee can vary. It is best to evaluate your situation and each offer as it is presented. We provide a estimated ‘net’ sheet with every offer so you can see about how much you would net from the sale of your home. Also this is where you will normally find commissions for selling your house lumped in. Often time the buyer will ask you to help them to cover some of their closing costs in order for them to purchase your home. There are reasons to help as well as reasons not to it is ultimately up to you if you do or not. We recommend that if these amounts are important to you that you discuss them during any listing presentation. If you have an escrow or impound account you will generally see a check for the refund of unused money about a two-three weeks from selling your house, though it depends on your lenders internal policies this is your money.