Why Buy With Us?

This simple question is one that takes more time to answer than what there is space here to write about. Simply put though you should put your trust in Charles as he is always working hard for his clients! Always looking out for the best deal for you my client is what sets me apart from many other agents. With advanced negotiation skills and techniques to get you the buyer the best possible deal in every situation.

No one will search as diligently or as hard as you do for that one in a million home. Even though I try very hard to find it first and often times find the gems you may pass by. Finding your dream home and helping you to get it at the best possible price and terms for you is something that helps me find satisfaction in a job well done. After working in this industry for so many years and as a broker there isn’t much that surprises me. Having developed a strong and dedicated team of professionals to recommend and even listen to during the process you can rest assured that your needs will come first!

Homes For Sale

If you already have gone through purchasing in the past or feel comfortable knowing  what you are looking and qualified for feel free to begin searching all available Salt Lake County single family homes below:

Salt Lake County <$100K
Salt Lake County $100-250K
Salt Lake County $250-500K
Salt Lake County $500K-$1million
Salt Lake County $1million+

If you would like to search differently than we have here please use one of our links at the top of the page. Saving searches and your favorite properties is easy once you create a free account.


Getting pre-approved in today’s market is critical for you as a buyer. The importance of getting pre-approved can not be stressed enough. With very few exceptions I am positive that I could show you a house you would love and want but may not be able to afford. That being said I don’t think that helps you or myself in any way. With the current market and savvy home-sellers out there, going into and even making an offer often times requires proof of being able to get a loan from a reputable company. Without getting pre-approved it is like going into a wild west shoot-out with out extra bullets, you can probably do it but I wouldn’t recommend it.

I am able and willing to work with any lender of your selection. What does that mean to you? Don’t worry if you already have a lender with whom you are happy with, I can work with them. What if you are in need a a high quality and capable loan officer? I am happy to refer you to any one of a few lenders who have proven to me they are very capable and consumer oriented. Not to mention these lenders want to get you the client the very best rates and terms for whatever your situation.

Home Warranty

What is a home warranty? A home warranty is a type of insurance that helps protect you the buyer from many major repair costs that could happen as a home owner. Items like the furnace, built in dishwashers, and water heater are covered in all home warranty plans. You can ask for items like; refrigerators, air conditioning units, or most every other item as well. I believe that you the home buyer should look into and get a home warranty whenever purchasing. Coming up with money to replace something that breaks is often difficult after buying and a home warranty will usually fix the issue with a small deductible. As most things in the home are used items home warranties are often a wise investment.  Often times in our market we find the seller has offered to pay for a home warranty for you the buyer so you can have confidence and protection when selecting their home.

Escrow and Closing Costs

What is escrow? Escrow is placing something in custody of a third party who then releases it once specific actions are taken. What does it mean to you it means someone holds the money until you get the house.
How does it work? Well we use Title & Escrow companies here in Utah  which perform two separate functions. The first thing these companies do (title) is research and confirm ownership and transfer of title/ownership rights for you the buyer and insure you for that. This is good for you as there is some protection that they provide which help protect you from someone else making a claim for the property you are paying for as theirs. The second part of their job (escrow) is to facilitate the transfer of ownership to you you by making sure any of the old owners loans are paid off and that your are registered as the new owner of the property they hold/use the money you or the lender gives them to do these things before releasing any of it to the seller. Again a great thing considering you probably don’t want the person selling the property to you to keep the money and you not get it or in a bad situation them take the money and not pay off their loans which could cause foreclosure and you losing out twice.

In Utah we don’t really have closing costs that are from the state or government agencies. Typically the lender with whom you choose to do business with will have some. Things like loan origination, appraisal, credit report, underwriting, pre-paid interest, and document preparation fees are typically charged by your lender. There is also normally settlement services, title insurance and recording fees charged by the Title/Escrow company. Items that typically fall under under closing costs for you the buyer are, upfront fees to set up escrow or impound accounts, to pay for things like homeowners insurance, taxes, and mortgage insurance. All of these fees and costs mentioned vary depending on several factors, the biggest of which is the purchase price of the home you are looking to invest in. Often times we negotiate for the majority if not all the closing costs to be paid for by the seller.

Feel free to use the site here to find current and actually available properties which you may choose from to bring your dream into reality.  Rest assured knowing that we want to help you understand any portion of the process all you need to do is ask.